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16oz bottles worth of water have been distributed using The Water Box

525 reusable 5-Gallon Jugs have been given to the community


Fulfilled by Amazon. Be sure to look for the First Trinity Church address in your shipping address options when checking out

Sponsor a WATER BOX:

Each WATER BOX can replace over 1 million gallons of donated water a year.  Each $50,000 we raise will provide a community organization with a WATER BOX, water testing equipment and training on how to use it, and a year of replacement filters, maintenance, outside lab testing to certify that the water being provided is clean and safe, and funds to offset the increased water bill.  The test results and how much water served to the community will be uploaded to a project website like the one for First Trinity Water.

If you or anyone you know wants to be involved with sponsoring additional Water Boxes, we actively seeking individuals or groups to sponsor the next boxes to deploy in Flint. If you are interested please contact us: